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Meet the Team: An Interview with Ronnie Muchenje, Director & CFO

At Hibiscus Care Services, we are passionate about providing exceptional care and support to individuals. We believe in making a real difference in people’s lives by putting their needs and well-being at the forefront. As one of the founders of Hibiscus Care Services, Ronnie Muchenje embarked on this journey with a vision to create a company that goes beyond the ordinary and truly understands the importance of personalised care. 

Here’s Ronnie’s inspiring story:

What inspired you to establish Hibiscus Care Services, and what were your motivations behind it?

I started my career in Health and Social Care as a support worker, where I witnessed the positive impact we could have on people’s lives. While I enjoyed the work, I felt that there was always something missing in the companies I worked for. Whether it was the organisational culture, the direction they were heading, or the way individuals we supported were treated, I knew there had to be a better way. That’s when the idea of starting our own company emerged—an opportunity to make the necessary changes to put the people we support at the centre of everything we do.

Allow me to share an example from one of my previous experiences. I worked with a lady who had severe autism, and it became evident that she struggled to connect with many of her support team members. This led to challenging behaviours and her withdrawal from social interactions. As I got to know her better, I discovered that she was highly sensitive to overstimulation and disliked excessive noise. By implementing a low arousal approach, we saw a remarkable improvement in her engagement and well-being. I brought this approach to the attention of the team leaders and the manager, and although they acknowledged its effectiveness, no significant changes were made to her support. This experience reinforced my determination to create a company where such situations would never arise again.

Could you share your personal journey and experiences that led you to the field of health and social care?

Interestingly, my background is in accounting, and I had plans to pursue a career in that field upon arriving in the UK. However, due to qualifications and work experience not being recognised, I had to explore alternative opportunities. Reluctantly, I entered the world of health and social care as a support worker, doubting whether it was the right fit for me. To my surprise, I quickly discovered the immense fulfilment and worthiness of the role. Witnessing the transformation of individuals, as they gained independence, developed new skills, and found confidence, was truly incredible. Today, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else but dedicating my life to making a positive impact through care and support.

How do values shape the organisation’s approach to care and support?

At Hibiscus Care Services, our values form the foundation of our approach to care and support. Our foremost goal is to place the person at the centre of everything we do. We recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of everyone we support. By understanding their goals, aspirations, likes, and dislikes, we can create personalised plans that empower them to achieve their full potential.

One of our core values, ‘Motivated to Improve,’ resonates strongly with me. This value reminds us to constantly evaluate our practices, support methods, and overall service delivery. We understand that the field of care and support is ever evolving, and we strive to stay updated with the latest knowledge and best practices. This commitment to ongoing improvement allows us to adapt and ensure we are providing the highest quality of support. We question our approach, challenge the status quo, and embrace change to meet the evolving needs of those we support.

What sets Hibiscus Care Services apart from other support providers in the industry?

What truly sets us apart at Hibiscus Care Services is the collective experience and first-hand knowledge of our team. Unlike some other companies in the industry, we have all worked in various roles within health and social care. From support workers to team leaders, support managers to social workers, and across different care settings such as supported living, domiciliary care, and nursing homes, we have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and intricacies of this field.

This diverse experience has shaped our company’s ethos, allowing us to build our services around the unique needs of each person we support. We have first-hand insight into the challenges faced by both the individuals and the staff, and we ensure that no task is asked of our team that we wouldn’t do ourselves. This deep understanding helps us develop and retain a dedicated staff team, ensuring continuity and high-quality care.

Could you share some success stories or examples of the positive impact you have been a part of?

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to witness numerous success stories and be a part of transformative journeys. One particular example that comes to mind is my work with a young lady who struggled with substance abuse. By building a team around her that understood her needs, we created an environment of trust and support. We tailored her support plan to incorporate her interests, such as horse riding, and provided coping strategies to reduce reliance on substances. Through these interventions, she experienced a significant reduction in substance use, developed essential skills, and gained a more positive outlook on life. A testimonial that she completed at the time reflects the positive impact our support had on her journey of recovery.

What are some of the key challenges you’ve encountered in the care sector?

Currently, the care sector faces significant challenges related to staffing and accommodation. These challenges often hinder individuals from accessing the support they need. Whether it’s the inability to assemble a dedicated support team or find suitable accommodation, these hurdles can be daunting.

To address these challenges, we have devised solutions that encompass both staffing and housing:

Staffing: Supported living is a career path that may not initially appeal to everyone. At Hibiscus Care Services, we aim to showcase the remarkable work we do and attract individuals to this rewarding profession. We emphasise that despite the inherent challenges, this career can bring immense meaning to one’s life. We are committed to providing competitive pay, flexible working arrangements, mental health support, and continuous learning and growth opportunities.

Housing: We are actively establishing relationships with landlords across the country to encourage the development of more supported living accommodations. We understand the concerns and reservations that may arise, and we strive to address them through open communication and reassurance. In the future, as our company expands, we envision investing in sourcing and developing our own housing options.”

What are your aspirations and goals for the future of Hibiscus Care Services?

Our vision for Hibiscus Care Services is to establish a recognised presence across the country, renowned for our unique and exceptional services. We want the name ‘Hibiscus Care Services’ to be synonymous with trust and exceptional support for individuals and their families. In the event of winning significant tenders, we aspire to have local offices equipped with purpose-built facilities. These facilities would include sensory rooms, learning spaces, and recreational areas where individuals can pursue their hobbies and interests alongside our dedicated staff teams.

What advice would you give to individuals considering a career in health and social care?

To anyone considering a career in health and social care, I would like to extend a warm welcome and congratulations. This field offers one of the most fulfilling career paths, where you have the opportunity to work alongside real people, making a genuine difference in their lives. You’ll have the chance to draw upon your unique life experiences and share them with others. While there may be challenging days, the feeling you experience when you support someone in their growth, witness their achievements, and empower them is incredibly powerful. Embrace this career with open arms, and I look forward to hearing about the incredible accomplishments you achieve.

Is there any message or insight you would like to share about the importance of care services?

Care services, especially supported living, play a vital role in our society. The number of individuals accessing these services continues to increase each year, and every person requires personalised care to address their unique challenges. It is the people who work in this industry that make a significant impact. We believe that with the right support, everyone has the potential to grow and thrive. At Hibiscus Care Services, we are committed to being a part of that journey and making a positive difference in the lives of those we support.

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