About us

Learn about how we tailor our approach, promote effective collaboration, and foster a culture that nurtures growth and independence for the people we support.

About us

Learn about how we tailor our approach, promote effective collaboration, and foster a culture that nurtures growth and independence for the people we support.


Welcome to Hibiscus Care Services, where compassionate care and support meet a commitment to individual well-being. Our values drive us to provide a safe, respectful, and empowering environment, ensuring the highest standards of support services.

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Provision of high-quality, compassionate care and support services

Facilitating a good quality of life and improvement of individual well-being.

Safety and support to grow, develop, and achieve hopes, goals, and aspirations.


We face our responsibilities with humility, compassion, innovation, curiosity, and creativity to make positive differences. Our staff team are brave, passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated to the work we do. In particular, we:

  • Listen to you and are respectful, responding with empathy and kindness and sensitive to the emotions and needs of individuals, and their families.
  • Are accountable, open, honest and transparent in the service we provide, and we have the courage to speak up and challenge if practices fall below expected standards.
  • Recognise we sometimes make mistakes, and when things go wrong, we will work hard to make it right.
  • Run robust recruitment and training procedures aimed at minimising the risk to people’s safety.
  • Provide support/care in line with research-based best practices.
  • Continuously reflect on our practice, listening and acting on feedback to improve the work we do.

We want to give you peace of mind that vulnerable people will receive the highest standards of care. Hibiscus Care employs recruitment consultants who follow a defined process to undertake various checks on our prospective staff through:

  • Rigorous interviews
  • DBS checks
  • Employment references
  • Qualifications and registrations
  • Right to work
  • Identity checks
  • Health declarations


Values are the principles and beliefs that guide how we behave and operate as individuals, as well as organisations. They help us to make decisions and act in a way that aligns with our goals and purpose. At Hibiscus Care Services, we take our values seriously, as they shape our culture, guide our actions, and help us to serve our communities better.

Our values are summed up in the acronym BLOOM:


Be respectful of everybody

We put the people and the communities we serve first


Living safely

Safety is paramount and comes above everything else


Offer compassion

Care to everyone - everyone is unique


Our integrity

We are open and honest


Motivated to improve

Proactively seek to make continuous improvements through reflective practice and innovation

These values fit perfectly with our ethos, “Support to Bloom,” and are at the heart of everything we do.

In summary, our values help us to create a culture of respect, safety, compassion, integrity, and continuous improvement. They guide us in serving our communities better, working through challenges, and recognising and celebrating our achievements. At Hibiscus Care Services, we are committed to living our values every day, and we believe they are crucial to our success in providing Support to Bloom for all.

Be respectful of everyone

means that we put the people and communities we serve first. We celebrate the unique contributions of everyone, recognising the richness of experience and diversity. We promote equality for all and listen to and support our staff.

is a fundamental value for us. Safety is paramount, and we take personal responsibility and accountability to keep individuals, communities, and staff safe. We believe that safety should come before everything else.

is about caring for everyone as unique individuals. We put people at the centre of everything we do and see the person first, beyond any “labels” or diagnoses. We are friendly, helpful, and empathetic, and we promote individuality and person-centred care, with respect for people’s privacy, dignity, and diversity. We offer the same care we would want for ourselves and our loved ones.

is based on being open and honest. We treat everyone with respect and make decisions driven by our local communities and a public service ethos. We are committed to excellence, maintaining professional standards and boundaries, and striving to always do the right thing at the right time.

is about continually seeking and acting on opportunities to make things better through reflective practice and innovation. We always aim to work in partnership, delivering evidence-based care, and engaging and involving all stakeholders. We communicate effectively and respond to feedback promptly.

We have the courage to speak up and raise concerns when things are not right or fall below ideal standards. We promote empowerment, independence, and inclusion, allowing individuals to take control of their lives and participate fully in the communities they belong to.

Experience & skills

Our Management Team combine diverse professional qualifications (Nursing, Social Work, Public Health, Project Management & Accounting), with over 20 years of extensive experience, supporting individuals with various complex health and social care needs.

Meet the management

Doug Mutenha

Director & CEO

Ronnie Muchenje

Director & CFO

Anthony Brookes

Operations Manager

How we work

We use a person-centred approach, focusing on:

  • Tailor-made support – we believe that no two people are the same, regardless of having the same diagnosis
  • Putting the individual at the centre and letting them guide us as experts in their own life.
  • Taking time to explore individual life experiences, their background history (culture, beliefs, traditions, habits, activities), and their support preferences.
  • Respectful, dignified, and compassionate delivery of support that meet and reflect individual needs, ethical and moral beliefs, and preferences.
  • Careful selection of support staff with consideration for people’s individual needs and interests.
  • Maintaining consistency and stability with a small team of regular support staff to build rapport, trust, and relationships that work well together for the benefit of the individual being supported.

Holistic approach

We offer services which:

  • Enable individuals to achieve a good quality of life (as defined by the individual).
  • Integrate and connect people with their communities, giving them opportunities to meet new people with the potential of developing meaningful relationships/friendships.
  • Are tailored to engage in personalised, preferred, and meaningful activities (paid/voluntary), education/college, social and sports/leisure interactions; for example, attending religious meetings and other community activities.
  • Promote relationship building, relationships that are founded on trust (while maintaining professional boundaries), so that a high level of care and support is given.

Working together

We promote collaboration by:

  • Valuing the people we support (and their families, where applicable) as experts and active participants in their own care
  • Actively listening and involving individuals in their care planning and arrangements; for example, where applicable we involve individuals in the recruitment process to choose their support staff.
  • Working with other health and social care practitioners, drawing upon their expertise, and sharing knowledge and skills to respond well to people’s needs.

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